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Our stores

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About us

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Our homestores shop on Corfu island ...

... is our flagstore. 2007 we moved there from Athens to make a new beginning. We worked hard and the both locals and foreigners with holiday homes there, welcomed our endeavor. The crisis has changed everything since then, but we keep moving on, adapting to new needs that our customers now have. Our motto is...

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Experiance

Our e-shop

Our goal is to make your shopping easy and pleasurable.

We continuously try to offer you the latest trends in home living and design, make your journey fun and exciting, as you discover the items you dreamt about for your home, on our site.

We are ...

Our involvement with home design comes from years of experience in the field of Fashion and Home magazines, as well as styling and photography.


Offering our customers the best quality, design and price, has always been our target.Walking into our shop in Corfu, one can see from the way it is set up, that we like to offer you visual pleasure and solutions that combine home trends in the best possible way.