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Device - Spray for preparation antiseptic

Device - Spray for preparation antiseptic


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Device - Spray for preparation of antiseptic solution with electrolysis USB Beper

disinfection and hygiene are something more than necessary this time we are going through. Effectively disinfect any surface or object and get rid of germs and viruses with the Antiseptic Solution Maker with USB electrolysis.
You will prepare at any time time in your own home your antiseptic - disinfectant and you will spray it directly on the surface you want to clean. With the simplest ingredients: salt and water and in just 5 minutes!
Disinfect handles, the food you bought, before consuming them, furniture, bathroom and toiletes, personal care items, surfaces you touch in your car or anything else you can imagine with a spray.
How to prepare your antiseptic?
Follow the 4 simple steps in the 2nd photo and you will be ready:
  • Unscrew the sprayer and add water to the container respecting the MAX mark.
  • Add 1 teaspoon (from the supplied meter) salt
  • Screw the sprayer back on and start with the USB cable.
  • Press the power button and in 5 minutes a strong disinfectant solution will be ready to use!
Its active ingredient will be Sodium hypochlorite.
Sodium hypochlorite has many applications, from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry, and is often used for disinfection purposes.
The device- spray will loosen your hands in your daily life and will become an integral part of your cleaning routine. Now, with a spray you can:
  • Effectively disinfect
  • Eliminate harmful germs and bacteria
  • Clean stubborn dirt that is not visible to the naked eye
The USB socket makes it so easy to use and practical, as just one connection to your laptop, computer, tablet or power bank will be enough to get you ready. It has automatic deactivation after 5 minutes, which will relieve you of unnecessary worries and stress. The indicator light will keep you informed about the operation of the device.
Technical data:
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 7 x 21.2cm
  • Material : ABS
  • Power: 10W
  • USB 5V DC

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